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The Why I Stayed Tour with Lovern Gordon is a relatable workshop that examines the complexities with #DV, as well as reasons why victims stay, so the focus can be geared on how to help rather than blame.

Email to schedule and for Booking Fee: info@lovelifenow.org


Interactive Workshop Includes:

  • Effects of being a child witness to abuse.
  • What constitutes a healthy relationship vs. abusive one.
  • How to safely end an unhealthy relationship.
  • How to become an UP-stander, support survivors, and more.
  • DURATION: 90 minutes – Email: info@lovelifenow.org 

About Lovern Gordon:
After winning her 2nd consecutive pageant title (both in 2010), Lovern worked tirelessly to promote ‘Awareness Against Domestic Violence’ as her platform. The following year, she subsequently founded Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. after becoming certified as a D.V. Advocate.

Through her awareness work, she’s been able to give an in-depth look at the effects of abuse from different perspectives (as an adult survivor from a 2-year relationship and as a child witness to it where her mother was abused at the hands of her father throughout their 30+ year marriage). She continues to be a sought after speaker on the issue and conducts DV workshops, globally, surrounding it.

D.V. Awareness Book:

The Legacy He Left Me

A Domestic Violence Memoir

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