From Survive to Thrive – D.V. Summit

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“Why didn’t they leave?”

We intend to draw a full picture of abuse answering that question, until we never hear it asked again.

Our mission is two-fold. We will create a needs-based education for survivors and establish understanding and commitment to change from the people who can best help. Twenty-three words, but about one million dots to connect. 

We are three abuse survivors and one psychotherapist intent on making a positive impact to change the world. Why? Because within domestic violence there are many components of abuse. Each ugly line of abuse, connects to the other in a variety of zig-zag start and stop points that seem disjointed and random. 

However, we know the stopping points along the journey are not random, and the disjointed points are solidly connected to the overall picture of each individual person facing abuse and violence. 

By creating a Domestic Violence Summit based on the needs and wants of women currently facing abuse, we meet people at their starting point and provide the resources needed to start connecting the dots. Our key focus will be around confidence-building and self-care, education, gaining financial power and sharing stories of triumph.  We are building a community where each person’s unique challenges come together and evolve into common themes survivors face. This creates the background from which survivors can emerge into a new life.

However, we can’t stop there. We must also share this same foundational background with politicians, judges, employers, front-line responders, family members and the public to draw the outlines of  abuse. An understanding of the many dangers and road- blocks facing survivors, will lead to a commitment of resources, making it less fearful and life-risking to leave and more hands to hold on the journey.  

If you begin to ‘connect the dots‘, a picture emerges that suddenly makes sense. We want the silhouette created to reflect the long journey from surviving to thriving after abuse. Our intention, after the journey, is to have each survivor drawn in a triumphant stance and ready to thrive into a new life.