While visiting my beautiful place of birth, Trinidad, I can say that it was my honor to share Jane Doe’s White Ribbon Awareness Campaign with some local figures in hopes of ‘encouraging more men to speak out against domestic violence’.
I enlisted the help of local entertainer, Rodell Cumberbatch aka Ro’Dey the Entertainer, to get the message out. A multi-talented entertainer and artist that made a big splash on the local comedy scene with his much talked about hilarious sketches posted on social media via Facebook and Instagram, Ro’dey is the creator and performer of his daily 15 second monologues with the popular catchphrase “Why doin it?”. He entertains thousands of his fans both foreign and local with his witty use of light-hearted satire to touch on relationship issues who immediately fell in love with the White Ribbon Campaign’s message.
Check out video message here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG4iqKhC3iI