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    It can take seven times maybe more for a victim to leave an abusive relationship.
    Leaving a Domestic violence situation can be very scary and dangerous when they finally decide to leave for good. They may have been facing isolation for so long that they feel alone and noone will believe them.
    They will face threats that they and or their children will be harmed or that the abuser will kill them or themselves.
    They are afraid they will never find anyone because that is what they are led to believe for so long and they are afaid of being alone.
    They are manipulated into believing the abuser when they promise things will get better and change even though it never has in the past. They think maybe, just maybe this time it will change.
    It is sad because they Love the one that Love bombed them in the beginning and fight so hard to get that person back but never will because it wasn’t real from the beginning. They just can’t believe that. Their heart believes otherwise because they can’t understand the abuser doesn’t think like they do.

    Question to the man in these shoes:
    How does it feel to wear these heels? 👠
    Answer: it hurts.
    Question to the man wearing these shoes: How does it feel to walk in them?
    Answer: painful, I wouldn’t want to do this for one day.