Our Staffs

17 Oct

Lovern J. Gordon

Lovern J. Gordon is the President and Founder of Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. (LLN), which promotes year-round awareness around domestic violence (DV). She is also the author of The Legacy He Left Me – an international and award winning domestic violence memoir, which chronicles her experiences as a child witness to abuse, and becoming a sur-THRIVER, following a two year abusive relationship. She used two back to back pageant wins as...

16 Sep

Antonio Arrendel

Antonio Arrendel was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Metanoia Community Change, an innovative organization committed to ending violence in our communities through proactive prevention, intervention, and education. Antonio brings over 13 years of community change. His rap sheet consists of workshops he has conducted for the South Eastern Conference, the NFL, NBA, Major League Lacrosse, Boston Red Sox and numerous colleges and universities athletics. Antonio customizes each workshop for each participant using his experiences and expertise to facilitate difficult conversations...

15 Mar

Christine O’Brien

Christine serves as LLN Board Manager. Although she has never been affected by the issue of domestic violence personally, she has a daughter and seeks to be part of the mission to help raise awareness around the issue. ...

15 Mar

David Gomes

David is LLN’s Finance Treasurer. He has never been affected by the issue of abuse but has always felt that nobody deserves to be treated less than. It is why he decided to be part of the solution around this epidemic. ...

16 May

Aysia Crawford

Aysia Crawford serves as LLN’s Administrative Assistant. Her drive for wanting to support an organization that focuses on domestic violence awareness, stems from her experience as a child abuse survivor and is why this cause means so much more to her than volunteering. It gives her the opportunity to advocate and support others in ways she was not able to for herself, as a teen or as a child and for those that she cares deeply about, like her mother who...