• Lovern posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    ​I cannot believe it’s our last week of Virtual Heeling! So much awareness on your part in the last month and for that, we at Love Life Now Foundation thank you!

    This week’s heeling challenge is asking you to throw on those heels for some up close and personal time with the camera. In anticipation of the LIVE 1 hour culmination of the Heel-A-Thon this Sunday (more details to come on that later this week), we would love for you to do a quick video of just your feet in heels saying the following (stated below in the link to sample video). Please make sure you hold phone horizontally, the area is well lit and quiet when you record.

    All video submissions will be used to inspire those who may still be thinking about leaving an abusive relationship.

    IMPORTANT…submit no later than this Wednesday using one of the following:
    1. Via WhatsApp at 617.803.8357
    2. Dropbox it to lovern_augustine@yahoo.com

    SAMPLE VIDEO…feel free to get creative on footwork 🙂