• Lovern posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hello Heelers! Today is the last day to get in on this week’s challenge!

    It shifts the focus to the men in our circles.
    Unfortunately…90% of the time, men are the perpetrators in #DV cases, so we must involve them in being part of the solution.
    This week, I would like you to engage 1 man (or more) to put on a pair of heels in support of awareness and ask them what it feels like to take a few steps in them, as well as what a victim might be face when they decide to leave an abusive relationship.
    Have them take a photo – just of their feet (they do not have to be identified if they don’t want to be), but must be ok with their feet photo and feedback (anonymously if they want) being shared on our social media.