Love Life Magazine

Love Life Magazine

Helping to make every aspect of domestic violence awareness… everyone’s business

“Love Life Magazine” (LL Mag) is a monthly digital production spanning several mediums including video, web, digital magazine and mobile application that promotes ‘Domestic Violence Awareness’…an effort that will help improve the lives of victims, survivors as well as those affected by it. LL Mag focuses on the impact D.V. has on society, the issues surrounding the epidemic, shines the spotlight on stories about those affected by it (survivors and victims), as well as those that do the real work in this area (shelter advocates, counselors, agencies, lawyer aides, etc.) who aid victims and survivors daily.

It’s the hope that the end-user (victims in similar situations) are able to see and relate to ‘real people’ giving first-hand accounts that may mirror theirs, and hopefully encourage them to leave and do so safely among other things. LL Mag’s outward appearance (cover page) is that of a woman’s lifestyle magazine…done in part to not alert abusers that the victim is seeking information or assistance via this resource. 


A digital and one of a kind application, Love Life Magazine aims to shine a spotlight on domestic violence (d.v.) from every aspect in order to raise awareness, support survivors as well as mobilize action against it.

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