On a recent visit to California, I had the chance to meet some really inspiring folks in the domestic violence awareness area.
Stopped by the Su Casa Shelter in Long Beach and meet Christine. Even though we had a scheduled meeting, upon my arrival she had to deal with a client that was a walk-in. What a blessing to see her in action, taking such great care and the client be so grateful for her. If you know someone in need of services, please do not hesitate to call 24hr Hotline: 562-402-4888 or visit www.sucasadv.org 
Next, I got to meet one of our FB followers (now friend) for a bite. To be able to connect with her was another highlight of this trip. To hear all the things she is doing and aspiring to do to help survivors in her community, as well as hear her story of survival…was inspiring. Check her out her FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/loveaboveall?pnref=story

Su Casa visit

Tracy from Love Above All