Laura Ladd

Dear Friends,

My name is Laura Ladd and a number of years ago I was a juror in a first degree murder case that involved domestic violence. The case left me heartbroken and wondering about the victim and the challenges she faced. I decided to do my part to support women who struggle to connect with resources that allow them to move beyond crisis.I reached out to Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. to offer our support. For victims of domestic violence, the daily struggle to survive is saddled with challenges like abuse and psychological trauma. It makes you wonder which issue would be the priority if you had so many to manage all alone? Sadly, some have no choice but to stay with an abusive partner because it ensures a roof over their head and their children’s. I’m reaching out to you to ask for your support.

On Saturday, May 5th, my friends and I are hosting Down & Derby, our 9th annual community fundraiser. Down & Derby is a Kentucky Derby themed event to raise funds for Love Life Now Foundation, Inc.. The event will be held at Serafina and we are expecting 400 young professionals from Greater Boston in attendance. The event is sophisticated, yet fun, to reflect the traditional sporting event’s stature, and the message is to support survivors of domestic violence right here in Boston.

We look forward to seeing you at Serafina, and appreciate your support.


Laura Ladd

Friend and Volunteer of Love Life Now Foundation, Inc..