Let’s take it back to basics and help someone in your circle recognize the red flags of an abusive relationship. I don’t think many understand how easy it can be to end up in one. An abuser starts off with subtle things that are signs, but they can be missed very easily instead of the gut being trusted.
In my own encounter, I ignored 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, & 10 in the beginning till it led to 4 where I ultimately forgave the 1st slap and it turned into 2 years of abuse:

1. Isolation from family or friends
2. Name-calling, put downs, ridicule, and emotional abuse
3. Manipulation of children or other family members
4. Physical violence
5. Painful or forced sex
6. Monitoring activity via technology
7. Financial exploitation by stealing money, hurting property or
8. Interfering with work or school
9. Threats of or acts of homicide
10. Jealousy and possessiveness

Know the signs, speak up/leave knowing that these state that you’re not in a healthy relationship and share the signs with others. Check out our Resources tab for more help that is available.