12 Nov

How to Disarm a Dominant Spouse

I believe this goes for any intimate relationship. It’s up to you what you take away from the article but thought it gave a lot of insight to the abusive relationship I was in and especially loved this quote: ‘A very assertive woman marries a very passive man, or an unhealthily assertive man marries a passive woman. It’s rare that two dominant people marry each other, or two passive people marry.’ Notice the word UNHEALTHILY attached because that’s when the dominance I...

03 Nov

Investigation Discovery recognizes Lovern!

Investigation Discovery is recognizing one everyday hero each month that is inspiring a difference in the lives of others through their dedication to victims’ rights and healing. November’s Everyday Hero is our own Lovern Gordon for her work in the area of awareness against domestic violence: Make A Difference Everyday Hero November 2014’s – Hero of the Month Lovern J. Gordon is the Founder and President of Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. (LLN) which promotes awareness against domestic violence and bridges...

03 Nov

Annual Bedding Drive Against Domestic Violence

Our Annual Bedding Drive ran from Oct. 11 – 18th (OCTOBER IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH) and asked folks to donate New Twin Sheet and/or Pillow. The proceeds of the Drive benefit a shelter whose supply of these basic items need replenishing after a resident transitions to a new home/shelter and takes their sheets/pillows with them. That’s where YOU, the community comes in and helps a resident sleep a little easier with your donation…THANK YOU! LLN Board Member Debbie handing...

03 Nov

Massasoit’s D.V. Awareness Day

Being able to spread awareness about the ways folks can be part of the solution against d.v…1 by 1. Talking to men on the college campus about the nationwide White Ribbon Day- MA and women about it as well and awareness as a whole makes us GIDDY!!! Featured speaker shared her story of abuse and triumph over it and overall just a great program! See more pics here: https://www.facebook.com/lovelifenowfound/media_set?set=a.679566385492367.1073741853.100003170344540&type=1&pnref=story ...

13 Sep

Love Life Now’s Huffington Post Feature – Why Lovern Stayed

Love Life Now’s President, Lovern Gordon, 1 of the 6 women featured that bravely recounted their stories of abuse to explain some of the complex reasons why victims stay in domestic violence relationships. She thankfully fled with her life back in 2001. Read or listen to their full stories here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/12/why-didnt-you-just-leave_n_5805134.html ...

23 Aug

Love Life Now visits Madrid, Spain D.V. Agency

While in Madrid was able to visit the Federation of Progressive Women to sit down with Mª Jose (their Department of Gender Violence Manager) and Yolanda Fernandez Vargas (Director). They provide resources, legal advice, therapy, awareness (just to name a few) to victims of domestic violence and during our meeting, it was clear that so much more can be done to assist those affected by this epidemic…no matter where you are in the world. Spain has come a long way on...

06 Dec

White Ribbon Campaign Launches Today!

December 6th, 2013 marks the 24th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre that catalyzed the White Ribbon movement. I am personally proud to be an Ambassador for JDI’s statewide White Ribbon Day Campaign for men and boys to help end violence against women as well as 1 of our new recruits, Nate, pictured below. As an Affiliate we’re active with the JDI’s White Ribbon Day Campaign to create a community of men and boys who work to end violence against women in...