03 Nov

Massasoit’s D.V. Awareness Day

Being able to spread awareness about the ways folks can be part of the solution against d.v…1 by 1. Talking to men on the college campus about the nationwide White Ribbon Day- MA and women about it as well and awareness as a whole makes us GIDDY!!! Featured speaker shared her story of abuse and triumph over it and overall just a great program! See more pics here: ...

13 Sep

Love Life Now’s Huffington Post Feature – Why Lovern Stayed

Love Life Now’s President, Lovern Gordon, 1 of the 6 women featured that bravely recounted their stories of abuse to explain some of the complex reasons why victims stay in domestic violence relationships. She thankfully fled with her life back in 2001. Read or listen to their full stories here: ...

23 Aug

Love Life Now visits Madrid, Spain D.V. Agency

While in Madrid was able to visit the Federation of Progressive Women to sit down with Mª Jose (their Department of Gender Violence Manager) and Yolanda Fernandez Vargas (Director). They provide resources, legal advice, therapy, awareness (just to name a few) to victims of domestic violence and during our meeting, it was clear that so much more can be done to assist those affected by this epidemic…no matter where you are in the world. Spain has come a long way on...