Last Saturday our Brown Bag & Care Volunteers passed out 50 brown bag lunches and 70 care packages to those affected by domestic violence and beyond. Many thanks to Tufts Health Plan for their help with care packages.
As Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. wraps up it’s summer year end, we want to thank EVERYONE who decided to be a part of our efforts to continue to raise awareness on the issue of domestic violence for the past 5 years. It’s not the easiest topic to address year round but a necessary one, because the 1 in every 4 women being affected by it could very well be in your midst and you won’t know it.
This initiative to engage the less fortunate by meeting them where they’re at, is something that they appreciate more than you know. Many are there because of domestic violence…you never know where your circumstance will lead you and we all can help to not let it define them. All pics from the great morning can be found on our Facebook or here: 
Continue to Love Life Now till our next #brownbagandcare, slated for Saturday October 1st, 2016 and our Annual Bedding Drive the 2nd week of October where we collect NEW Twin Sheets and Pillows for New Hope’s Shelter.